What Are They?

Internet cookies are small text files, up to 4 kibibytes (4 KiB) in size, that are stored locally on your computer by your Web browser when you visit a website. Cookies are designed to save specific information for a particular website, or service provided by a website, that can later be retrieved and reused upon successive visits.

Common examples of implementations for cookies include storing account usernames, email addresses and passwords, remembering your theme selection, and saving your preferences regarding advertisements, but they can be used for a plethora of purposes. Your favorite websites almost certainly use cookies in one way or another.

It's worth mentioning too that there are methods to use cookies for indirect malicious activity. While they can't be used to store computer viruses and download harmful software to your computer, they can be used to 'spy' on your website browsing history. These types of cookies are known as tracking cookies, and are frequently used by large, well-known organizations to better cater their services towards you. For websites that provide services, such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook, this typically includes serving you more appropriate advertisements and suggesting products that may be similar or related to those you've purchased in the past.

How Does This Website Use Them?

I use cookies on this website, strictly for one purpose:

  • Google Analytics allows me to analyze user interaction with my content, and use that data to improve the website. This data is recorded anonymously and stored by Google.