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Originally the resulting effort from extensive research into possible processor upgrades for my laptop, CPU Grade has now become a potent and vital resource for processor specifications, performance data and other computing-related technological resources.

Throughout my research, I discovered that websites offering similar services were following very ancient design practices, not supporting mobile devices properly, misleading their users with incorrect information, or a combination of all these things! I didn't like what I saw, and so CPU Grade was born.

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As a group of like-minded website designers, developers and content creators, Forums & Sites Interactive was initially created in 2011, and quickly expanded with hundreds of members each showcasing their exquisite talents. I joined the group in late 2013 to help administrate and moderate alongside long-time friends that I've had the pleasure of collaborating with in the past.

As of March 2021, Forums & Sites Interactive has since been discontinued and will be replaced by in due course.

GPU Grade is currently in the early planning stage, but the intent is to offer a sister website to that caters to dedicated graphics cards and integrated graphics processors, covering most products spanning over the past three decades.

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H5 Network was a technology forum with particular emphasis on programming and design. It was developed upon ProBoards, with a heavily customized theme and possessed a highly interactive and creative community.

Over the course of its five-year run, it accumulated a total of 432 members, 1,670 threads, and 23,655 posts.

Following the release of version 5 of ProBoards, it was unanimously decided that H5 Network would be retired in late 2013.

My Notepad was my first true collaboration project. It was a general discussion forum, originally hosted by ProBoards for two years before being moved to its own domain and starting afresh with the MyBB forum software.

As a forum with a generalized structure, over its five-year run, it accumulated a total of 138 members, 1,044 threads, and 36,887 posts.

My Notepad was taken offline during the winter of 2013.