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CPU Grade

CPU Grade is the newest and most streamlined method of obtaining the technical specifications of central processors from a variety of vendors, under many platforms.

Its elegant, simplistic approach to layout and design means that information is readily available, no matter what device you're using. It's also designed to be 100% user-friendly, meaning even the least experienced users can find what they're looking for. The glossary will also help these users understand the terminologies, technologies and features found throughout the website.

The specifications are organized into ten separate categories that can be shown or hidden individually, or collectively (JavaScript required). This is to aid with legibility so you can find exactly what you're looking for, as the website is very informative.

Processors are graded based on performance, compute power, efficiency, electrical requirements and integrated graphics. Each processor is graded respective to three separate scenarios — against the entire market segment (consumer, mobile or server), against the same processor family on the same platform, and lastly, against the same processor family, inclusive of all platforms.

A commenting system (Disqus) has been added to each specification page, allowing users to interact with the website.

Users can request a missing processor to be added into the database using social media (Facebook or Twitter), or via the contact form found on the website.

Intel and AMD desktop and laptop processors are the highest priority while the website is starting up, and more vendors and platforms will be added as it progresses. Server processors are expected to be added last.

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Song Lyrics

Due to popular demand, I've decided to carry over the song lyrics feature from the website before it was redesigned. Rather than incorporate it into the website directly, I've instead opted to list it under the projects section, and offer a link from there and in the footer. Enjoy!

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DylRicho started as a website to store my coursework (primarily as part of my IT projects) and examination preparations as I was slowly making my way through secondary school. As I surpassed the first year of my exams, the focus of DylRicho shifted to an informative technology-centric website, equipped with specifications of smartphones and tablets. With the second year of my exams behind me, my plan was to further develop the website with a technology blog, equipped with a fully custom WordPress theme, and modified Disqus comments system. It was around this time that I also transitioned to a further education college to study an IT systems diploma. Time was against me, and over time, my desire to further develop the website was gone. The website remained in use behind-the-scenes as a means of transferring and showcasing coursework for my IT diploma. This continued as I progressed onto a science diploma at the same college, where I used it to organize my coursework and keep track of my workload.

With my interest in smartphones and tablets diminished, DylRicho has once again become my personal website and portfolio showcase. With every new release of the website, I've gained new skills and further developed older ones. The latest and likely final redesign of DylRicho aims to put those revised skills to the test, maintaining the focus on the content without hindering performance and usability on older and/or less powerful systems. Although I'm no longer interested in smartphones and tablets, the IT sector and computer systems in general, as well as web development, will always remain as a core part of me.

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Graphics Core

This project is currently being planned.

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Minecraftia Workbench

This project is currently temporarily held.

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