A screenshot of the latest version of CPU Grade (6.00α) that is currently in development

About This Project

The concept for CPU Grade first materialized back in late 2013. I was researching processors that would be a compatible upgrade for my laptop at the time. I knew incredibly little, but because of my passion for learning, I made it my goal to seek out information from websites available at the time. Fortunately, the information I required was found and I steadily began to learn about processors.

Along the way, I noticed that all of the websites which were providing these details were showing their age. I came across website designs which were still using HTML tables for layout, completely unoptimized designs for mobile users, and a few websites were found to be misleading the user with inaccurate information.

Using the knowledge I had gained, I decided that I wanted to take advantage of this gap in the market, and created a modern alternative that was fast, sleek, informative and compatible, even with the cheapest of smartphones.

Today, CPU Grade serves thousands of users and enjoys tens of thousands of hits every month. I've put over 10,000 hours into the project and the latest iteration, currently in development, will drastically improve the project in every aspect.


CPU Grade has been designed to be compatible with the latest versions of the five most popular web browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari — as well as the mobile variants.

Extended support is also given to all supported browsers' last major release.

Viewport widths of at least 640 pixels will be required for the future comparison feature.

My Responsibilties

  • Developing and designing project from scratch using custom PHP templating.
  • Designing unique iconography for project.
  • Maintaining and regularly updating webpages across project.
  • Leveraging my extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS to provide front-end solutions that are compatible across different browsers and platforms.
  • Methodically debugging and correcting anomalies across project to enhance user experience.
  • Implementing SEO techniques and optimising project for faster page load times.
  • Using extensive data analysis to ensure in-house product grading system is as accurate as possible.
  • Simultaneously managing multiple databases.
  • Producing in-depth articles covering technical topics relevant to the project.
  • Using visitor analytical data to identify popular trends and plan future content.
  • Currently working on complete overhaul to enhance functionality and user experience with new theme featuring greater accessibility, powerful database search, product comparison, custom comments system, and auction tools.
Founded Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Launched Thursday, April 23, 2015
Last Updated Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Status Active
Version 5.00 (dev: 6.00α)
Roles Content writer
Web designer
Web developer
Languages CSS

Next Update

  • A completely overhauled theme with enhanced accessibility functionality, improved and more powerful search tools, and simpler page navigation via quick jump anchors.
  • A completely overhauled grading system with improved data accuracy through months of analysis.
  • More metrics will be added to the grading system, including single-threaded performance, multiple measures of power consumption and efficiency, and the ability to calculate an energy cost scenario for your chosen currency.
  • More detailed technical specifications and dedicated processor model identification tools.
  • A dedicated graphs section to show performance data of many processors at once.
  • A comparison tool which will show specifications and performance data of two processors side by side.
  • Exportable specifications for ease of use with for-sale listings.
  • An in-house comments system to replace Disqus.

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